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Sunday, June 7, 2009


The DREAM was a Millionaire by 30, that is now a "MUST".... or the next generations WILL continue struggling financially. I have the answers .... "Get Buzzy Education".


HERE in the 21st Century we have the tools and education to prepare OUR children for Financial Health, Security and FREEDOM if they want it, in the form of M.S.I. Multiple Sources of Income and yet many don't use it. Fear of the unknown, stops many using these financial vehicles.
IMAGINE our Kids have 5 to 10 income sources
1. Job.
2. Property.
4. Internet business.
5. MLM.
6. Other investments.
7. Pension/401K.
8. Insurance.
9. Collectables.
10. ???????
The internet is a 21st Century opportunity and brings a multitude of opportiunities. My vision is that every family has their OWN website to promote ALL the things they do.
TRUE Wealth can and must take in financial Education for OUR Kids Futures.
Please join in and make this happen, because ... YOU CAN. YOU CAN HELP !! YOU HAVE CHOICES !!

EUREKA ... Got it !!!
Eureka … I’ve cracked the code for Financial Health, Security and Freedom !!!For our KIDS and us !!!!
Financial Health, Security and Freedom come from MSI’s – Multiple Sources of Income and 21st Century Education.
“There is one thing that we will not live without and that is HOPE”. Joe Estrada
21st Century Financial Education is Education in MSI’s – Multiple Sources of Income.
The NEW 70 hour week – go to : BUZZY EDUCATION (MASTER Class) … ForKIDS – FAMILY’s – BUSINESSan introduction on MSI – Education, Opportunities, Ideas & Choices.“M3 - MASTER CLASS”
"GROW YOUR CLUB ..."Have you got a CLUB Martial Arts, Sports, Local that you want to help …SUPPORT ...GROW …START …Or for your FAMILY !!!
All you need to do and it’s FREE is :CONNECT - Send a picture and a paragraph about the AMAZING YOU (see - All Get Buzzy Ambition Coach’s.)CARE - “Help enough people get what they want and you get what you want ”.
COACH & - People will only take the steps you take. The world needs more Champions and Leaders. COLLECT – MSI’s and build your Dream – Financial Health, security and Freedom.
READ all the linking webpages the answers are all there.
Questions ? email !! I am putting together an“INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL GET BUZZY EDUCATION – AMBITION COACH MARTIAL ARTS DEMONSTRATION TEAM”For information and remuneration send your CV details to